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A Graham community, wow

Hey, I just joined. Okay, well sinse I am a member now and my opinion may or may not count i'm gonna go ahead and let you know what I think of it so far.
First off, I can't see the background, is there suppost to be a picture? because all i see are those purple and lime greens. The colours I don't especially like, it looks like Barney (the dinasour) in technicolour. It kind of hurts my eyes to be honest!

The interests are a problem as well. Eleven interests about the marvelous Graham Chapman, are you mad? SO with big help from liv67, I bring you some interests that should be associated with Graham Chapman:
David Sherlock, Jelusarem, medicine school, alcohol, gay pride, keith moon, camelopards, peter cook, gay news, keith moon, semprini, gay liberation, rugby, mountain climbing, david bowie, medicine, cambridge footlights, ringo starr, biggles, sex, talking to letter boxes, gin, gin & tonic with ice but no lemon in, douglas adams, jake's journey, our show for ringo starr, harry nilsson, ojril, a liar's autobiography, owl stretching time, out of the trees, the dangerous sports club, at last the 1948 show, how to irritate people, the magic christian, monty python's flying circus, the rise and rise of michael rimmer, colin bomber harris, the frost report, doctor at large, doctor in the house, doctor in charge, splunge, the times crossword puzzle, raymond luxury-yacht, engrish, lemon curry?, asian boys

But I do want to say that with all this criticism I am throwing out, I throw an equal amount of props for making this community in the first place. Amazing really.
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